Hour Games Terms of Use Agreement

1. Special Note
This Hour Games Terms of Use Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into between you ("User", "Users", "you" and "your") and Hour Games Co., Ltd. ("Hour Games," "we," "our," and "us").
Hour Games agrees to provide the Internet-based game services ("Game Services") to game users ("Users") in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and its operating rules updated from time to time.In order to access the Game Services, users must read and accept each and all terms of this Agreement and complete the registration process as prompted on the page. It is deemed that users have already read and agreed with this Agreement if users complete the registration process and successfully register an account. Hour Games may update the terms of this Agreement from time to time. In the event of changes to this Agreement, Hour Games will display the changes on any page related to the Games that we publish so that users can obtain the updated terms of this Agreement in a timely manner. The modified Agreement will effectively replace the original Agreement once it is published, and users can refer to the latest Agreement at any time. Please read these Terms of Use Agreement carefully before you start to use the Game Services. If you do not agree with all the terms of this Agreement or its modifications, do not use the Services. According to local laws, minors should read this Agreement with a legal guardian if necessary. The minor's exercise and performance of the rights and obligations under this Agreement shall be deemed to have been approved by the legal guardian.

2. Game Service
2.1 The specific content of Hour Games Game Services is provided by Hour Games according to the actual conditions, including but not limited to client-based PC games, mobile Games, console Games, etc. Hour Games reserves the right to suspend, terminate or modify the services it provides in the event of any of the following circumstances, and Hour Games shall not be liable for any results, inconvenience or loss arising therefrom: (1) services will be suspended during regular inspection and maintenance and software and hardware updates, and Hour Games will complete repairs and maintenance work as soon as possible; (2) any kind of damage to the server that prevents it from functioning properly; (3) the user’s connection to the game via the Internet is delayed or blocked due to network or other reasons; (4) force majeure factors such as natural disasters; (5) to maintain national security or ensure the personal safety of other members and third parties in an emergency; (6) when there is sudden failure of hardware and software equipment and electronic communication equipment.
2.2 When Hour Games offers its Game Services, Hour Games may charge users a fee for some of its Game Services, including related telecom value-added services. In such cases, Hour Games will clearly indicate this on the relevant page. If the user does not agree to pay such fees, he/she may not accept the relevant Game Services.
2.3 Users understand that Hour Games only provides the relevant Game Services and that any Game Services-related equipment (such as computers, modems and other devices associated with Internet access) and the necessary fees (such as telephone and Internet access charges) shall be borne by users.
2.4 Users shall receive the Game Services using licensed Game Software published by Hour Games or by third parties authorized by Hour Games.
2.5 Users may access the network services provided by third-party companies through Hour Games. Once users accept the network services provided by the third-party company, users shall comply with the agreements made by the third-party company regarding its services.
2.6 Hour Games reserves the right to make changes to the data, graphics, audio and video, gameplay and other content in the Games for the purposes of the user experience, the game operation and company development.

3. Rules of Use
3.1 The user promises to register as a user of Hour Games with real identity, and guarantees that the personally identifiable information provided is authentic, complete and valid, and that he or she shall bear legal responsibility for the information provided in accordance with local laws and provisions hereof.
3.2 If a user needs to modify the personally identifiable information provided after registering as a user of Hour Games with his/her real identity, Hour Games will provide such service to the user in a timely and effective manner.
3.3 Hour Games is entitled to verify the authenticity and validity of the information provided by the user during registration, and actively take reasonable technical and administrative measures to guarantee the safety and validity of the user’s account. The user is obligated to take care of his/her account and password, and to use the account and password in a safe manner. If any party fails to perform any of the above obligations and thus results in the loss or theft of account and password, the party should be legally responsible for any damage caused to the civil rights of the user or other third party.
3.4 Users shall enjoy the rights and interests of the accounts registered or held by them, and shall be fully responsible for the operation of such accounts.
3.5 The account password represents the right to use the game account. A user shall not provide the game account and password to anyone else for use in any manner. Disclosing the password to a third party means that the user also transfers the right to use the account to the third party, and the user shall be responsible for the losses caused thereby, including game props, game currency and other related losses.
3.6 If a user finds anyone else assumes or steals his or her game account and password, or uses his or her game account and password without authorization, he or she shall immediately notify Hour Games through the published customer service channels and require Hour Games to take measures to suspend the log-in and use of the account. When notifying Hour Games, the user shall provide valid personal identity information that is consistent with the registered information. (1) If Hour Games verifies that the valid personal identity information provided by the user is consistent with the registered identity information, Hour Games will take timely measures to suspend the log-in and use of the account. (2) If the user fails to provide valid identity information or the personal information provided by the user is inconsistent with the registered identity information, Hour Games is entitled to reject the request.
3.7 When users provide Hour Games with valid personal identity information consistent with the registered identity information in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests, Hour Games will provide users with necessary assistance and support such as proof of account registrant and original registration information, and provide relevant evidential information to relevant administrative and judicial authorities as needed.
3.8 Users are not allowed to privately trade or transfer game accounts, game currency, game props and other items of Hour Games-related games. Users are responsible for the risks involved, and Hour Games is entitled to ban the accounts involved.
3.9 Users are not allowed to publish any private transaction information, including but not limited to selling or purchasing game accounts, game currency, and game props. Once found, Hour Games is entitled to take punitive measures against the game accounts involved, including but not limited to restricting or prohibiting the use of all or part of the game account function, and banning or canceling of game account.
3.10 In case of any dispute over a user's game account, the user shall present enough evidence to prove his or her claim. If no user of either party can fully prove his or her rights as the owner of the account, Hour Games is entitled to take measures against the account, such as permanently suspending the account.
3.11 Users should enhance their security awareness and take good care of their accounts and passwords. Hour Games will not be responsible for any consequences or losses caused by account theft.
3.12 Any behavior that affects the game balance and harms the legitimate interests of Hour Games and other users is prohibited, including but not limited to exploiting game vulnerabilities for profit, registering a large number of accounts on the same server to destroy the game balance or cause unfair competition to other players, creating or using, hacks, cheats, scripts, bots, plug-ins and other unauthorized third-party software, disrupting the order of the game, conducting illegal transactions, etc. Under such circumstances, Hour Games reserves the right to permanently ban the account and even pursue the legal liability of the party concerned.
3.13 Users shall abide by the following rules when using the Game Services of Hour Games. If a user violates any of these rules, Hour Games is entitled to permanently ban the account concerned:
(1) Users shall comply with local laws and regulations;
(2) Users shall not use the Game Service System for any illegal purpose;
(3) Users shall comply with all network agreements, regulations and procedures relating to the Game Services;
(4) Users shall not use the Game Service System of Hour Games in any way that may adversely affect the normal functioning of the Internet;
(5) Users shall not transmit or communicate any content which Hour Games reasonably believes to be offensive to users, including language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, racially, ethically, or national security, national sovereignty and territorial integrity, or otherwise objectionable;
(6) Users shall not engage in any conduct that disrespects ethics and customs;
(7) Users shall not take advantage of the Game Service System of Hour Games to conduct any behavior that is detrimental to Hour Games or its game products, including but not limited to spreading illegal and harmful information, interfering or destroying other users' normal game playing, making malicious refunds, etc.;
(8) Users shall take the formal communication channels provided by the corresponding competent authorities to consult on the services, products and business of Hour Games and its business partners, and shall not publicly publicize any negative information about Hours Games and its Games and related services.
3.14 Users shall comply with the relevant service agreements and the Rules of Use when using the game accounts and passwords obtained under this Agreement to access the Games published by Hour Games or accept any other services provided by Hour Games. User's acceptance of the above services shall be deemed as acceptance of the relevant service agreements and the Rules of Use.

4. Proprietary Rights
The Game Services provided by Hour Games include text, software, sound, images, video, graphics, and so forth. All such content is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws, and users may use such content only with the written consent from the Game or other relevant rights holders, and may not copy, reproduce, or prepare derivative works based upon.

5. Privacy Policy
5.1 The Privacy Policy is designed to help users better understand how Hour Games protects and uses the user information collected, and Hour Games promises to fulfill the corresponding policy in accordance with the provisions of this article. Users fully understand and accept this policy.
5.2 Hour Games shall not provide, disclose or share personally identifiable information registered by the user to any third party without the user's permission, except in the following cases:
(1) authorized by the user or the legal guardian of the user;
(2) required by relevant local laws;
(3) required by judicial or administrative authorities based on legal procedures;
(4) when Hour Games files a lawsuit or arbitration against a user to protect its legitimate rights and interests;
(5) providing personally identifiable information of a user at the legal request of the user's legal guardian.
5.3 Hour Games may cooperate with third parties to provide relevant Game Services to users, in which case Hour Games may provide users' registration and other information to such third parties if such third parties agree to assume the same responsibility to protect users' privacy as Hour Games.
5.4 Without disclosing the privacy of individual users, Hour Games is entitled to perform technical analysis of the entire user database and to make commercial use of the analyzed and collated user database. While Hours Games strives to protect the privacy of its users, there is no guarantee that the security technologies in place will protect user information from any form of loss.

5.4.1 Data Deletion Requests
Users have the right to request the deletion of their personal data. To do so, please follow these steps:
1. Enter the game.
2. Click on your avatar in the upper left corner.
3. Find the "Delete Account" or similar function in your account settings.
Once a request for data deletion has been submitted and approved, we will delete or anonymize the user's personal data, unless we are required to retain certain data for legal reasons or legitimate justifiable purposes.

6. Disclaimer of Warranties
6.1 Hour Games does not guarantee that:
(1) the Game Services will meet any of your requirements;
(2) the Game Services will be uninterrupted and provided in a timely, secure or error-free manner.
6.2 Users fully understand and agree that their use of the Game Services of Hour Games is entirely at their own risk. And they shall be solely responsible for any consequences arising out of the use of the Game Services of Hour Games, and Hour Games assumes no responsibility to its users.
6.3 Users’ unused online virtual currency and unexpired Game Services shall be disposed of in accordance with local laws and regulations.

7. Change, Suspension or Termination of Service
7.1 If the Game Services need to be suspended due to system maintenance or upgrades, Hour Games will give prior notice as far as possible.
7.2 If a user posts illegal information, seriously harms social morality, or commits other acts in violation of laws and regulations, Hour Games shall immediately terminate the services to the user.
7.3 If a user provides false registration identity information or commits a violation of this Agreement, Hour Games is entitled to suspend all or part of the services to the user. Hour Games will notify the user of the suspension of services as far as possible and shall promptly resume the services to the user if he or she has made appropriate corrections to the violation when the suspension period expires.
7.4 If a user violates this Agreement, Hour Games is entitled to suspend all or part of the services to the user and to withdraw any in-game currency, props and other virtual content resulting therefrom. Hour Games shall not terminate the services to the user at will for any content not agreed upon in this Agreement.
7.5 Except for the cases specified in the preceding paragraph, Hour Games also reserves the right to suspend or terminate part or all of the Game Services at any time without prior notice and shall not be liable to the users or any third party for any loss resulting from the suspension or termination of any of the services.
7.6 In the event that Hour Games terminates the operation of its products and services, Hour Games will make an announcement 60 days in advance on the game screen where Hour Games operates. Upon termination of services, Hour Games may return or exchange the game currency purchased but not yet used by the users, as well as the Game Services that have not yet expired, in accordance with the relevant platform rules or in any other manner acceptable to the users. When processing, it is not possible to request both the retention of game data and the return of unused game currency contained in such game data.
7.7 Hour Games does not guarantee that your account will be retained if you have not logged into the game for a period of 6 consecutive months after registering the game.
7.8 In the event that Hour Games terminates some or all of the services to users in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, Hour Games shall fulfill the corresponding responsibilities.

8. Indemnification
Users agree to protect and defend the interests of Hour Games and other users, and agree to be liable for any losses caused to Hour Games or any other third party as a result of any violation of any laws, regulations or provisions under this Agreement.

9. Governing Law
9.1 The conclusion, performance and interpretation of this Agreement and resolution of disputes in connection herewith shall be governed by local laws.
9.2 In the event of any dispute or controversy, the parties shall in the first place try their best to settle such dispute or controversy through amicable negotiation. If the negotiation fails, either party shall file a lawsuit to the people's court in the place where Hour Games is registered.

10. Notice and Service All notices under this Agreement may be made by means of bulletins on important pages, E-mail or regular mail; such notices shall be deemed to have been served to the recipients on the date of sending.
11. Miscellaneous
11.1 This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the matters agreed herein and other related matters, and does not grant the parties any rights other than those set forth herein.
11.2 If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part for any reason, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
11.3 The headings in this Agreement are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect.